15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wardrobe malfunctions on TV have only existed since Justin Timberlake ripped open what turned out to be a Pandora’s Box of a bosom on Janet Jackson.

Ridiculous, any way look at it, the furor that was born of that Super Bowl incident. Things have changed, much for the worse, since that half of a boob was given to the eyes of America for a split second.

Although not EVERY wardrobe malfunction can be credited to women, it’s a fact that they have a couple of extra bodily parts that can fall foul of designs. If the top of a guy’s costume falls off, nobody cares, and nobody looks. If it’s a woman…well…there are cameras and eyes to catch it all.

Here’re a few wardrobe malfunctions that some people may or may not know about but are nevertheless interesting from a voyeur’s point of view.

1. Janet Jackson


Even though it was mentioned above, it still gets nominated as the No. 1 wardrobe malfunction because it was where the term probably originated. The body flash lasted a fraction of a second and in what is a very liberal society these days, it still shocked people. It’s doubtful that it would even get a mention today.

2. Stephanie Gilmore


While Steph was doing a Vogue shoot and doing it while surfing a wave, the top of her costume slipped off revealing all. Even though she was standing on a surfboard, she somehow managed to save further embarrassment with a quick hitch up. As it was a fashion shoot, the cameraman never missed a second.

3. Eva Longoria


The beautiful petite TV star was at the Cannes Film Festival dressed beautifully and looking good. As she walked the red carpet, her green gown literally fell apart as she was trying to adjust the dress. Either it was a bad fit or badly made. For the fans, it was an eyeful of genuine beauty.

4. Venus Williams


Although not quite as good a tennis player as her sister Serena, Venus gave the tennis fans watching her during a particular game a bit more to see than an overhead smash. Her tennis skirt, one of her own fashion designs, was susceptible to the flukey on-court breezes. Spectators at that end of the court had a fabulous view of her behind from behind.

5. Anne Hathaway


Getting in and out of a car for a woman with a short or split skirt is a movement of delicate proportions and extreme skill to ensure parts of the body are not exposed to cameras and ogling eyes. Unfortunately, Anne gave the paparazzi and eyeful as she alighted from an SUV to attend a premiere event. Not wearing panties was a brave decision as well.

6. Colombian Women’s Cycling Team


This might go down as the worst sports uniform ever created OR, the best! It depends on which way you look at it. The skin-coloured cycling suits showing the whole mid-section made for some fascinating team photos.

7. Blake Shinn – Jockey


Those jockeys sit high on a horse when they are riding to the finishing line and at the end of race in Australia as Shinn neared the post his pants fell down providing the perfect ‘moon’ for the horses and riders behind him, or at his rear, you could say. Is this another sport in which underpants are not worn?

8. Rita Ora


It seems panties don’t rate highly on the dress sense list when getting ready to go out. If you’re a celebrity, or going to meet one, and you will be getting in and out of a car with the paparazzi ready for your every move, panties and maybe a chastity belt should be must wear clothing items.

9. Lady Gaga


Maybe Lady Gaga had panties on, but she decided to forgo bras when as she flashed a bit of boob. The picture was taken on a plane and as she leaned forward out popped that pesky breast, although Lady Gaga was never shy when it came to showing off parts of her body during concerts.

10. Pamela Anderson


We all loved to watch Pamela jog along the beach in Baywatch wearing that incredible red bathing costume but these days, she likes to show a little more. It’s hard to work out whether Anderson actually has wardrobe malfunctions or just purposely loves to flash everybody or anybody who is looking.

11. Selena Gomez


It’s a lot worse when a male either leaves his fly zip open or forgets to zip it up after a toilet break so something was lacking when Gomez did the same thing as she walked through LAX Airport. What exactly can you see when a female doesn’t completely close her zipper? Not a lot but it still gets a mention as a malfunction.

12. Sofia Vergara


For the voyeurs, the program Dancing with the Stars can offer extra excitement outside of flashing feet in great dance steps. There’s always the chance that there will be a wardrobe malfunction. Sofia gave us that moment when her boob popped out of her dress while doing the tango with Derek Hough.

13. Emma Watson


It’s great to see the actors from the Harry Potter movies all grow up into handsome men and beautiful women. Emma looks delightful these days but never so good as she looked at a premiere when her Armani dress slipped a little to reveal her taped breast. Where’s the Hogwarts cloak when you really need it?

14. Mariah Carey


During a show in Shanghai, China, Carey almost popped out of her dangerously low-cut dress as she pranced around the stage. The Chinese male dominated audience were breathless themselves just watching Mariah in her very high slit skirt as well. Show business is what you call it!

15. Rihanna


Wearing a severely low cut dress can be both dangerous and reckless, and Rihanna enjoyed doing both at an after-awards party in London. Her breasts were dying to pop out at any given time and eventually gravity won, as it usually does. The top dropped, the boobs popped. Everybody was happy, mainly the photographer.

When you work your way through the photographs, there is a real dearth of male-oriented wardrobe malfunctions. Unless they lose their pants in a front on incident, there will be a distinct lack of public interest.