Top 10 Hollywood Stars with Incredible IQ’s

Some of the world’s most entertaining talents in the world of acting and entertainment throughout Hollywood also happen to be some of the world’s top rated current, previous, and future academics along with carrying magnificent levels of intelligence and outstanding IQ’s!

James Wood – WHOPPING 184 IQ


At the top of our list with an extraordinary IQ of 184, Actor James Wood has both won Golden Globe Awards, as well as other equally impressive recognition in Hollywood for being both a producer and later on holding various roles as a voice actor.

Wood attended the world-renowned university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for undergraduate studies, yet like many prodigies and globally successful billionaires dropped out of college – actually right before graduation for unknown reasons.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – IQ of 135


Starting his career early as a teenager into adulthood as a world-winning Olympic bodybuilder, to a multimillionaire world dominating actor, Arnold has done just about it all!

Arnold even ran for and successfully held the role of governor in California for two terms, both in 2003 and 2006. Arnold’s roles from top-hit Hollywood movies like The Terminator to political roles and responsibilities are quite the impressive Resume. To-date, Arnold continues to pump out HIT Hollywood movies throughout the Expendables series!

Arnolds IQ was rated at 135, which is well above-average, so it’s no wonder he was able to obtain such heights of success, riches, and fame.

Ashton Kutcher – IQ of 160


Coming in with a supreme IQ of 160, Ashton has gone from starring in the all American-famous That 70’s Show television series for years, and then moved on to starring roles in various Hollywood hits like What Happens in Vegas, and his comedy A Lot Like Love. Many will most often over the recent years recognize Ashton from his hit role in the Two and a Half Men series and continued seasons beyond Actor Charlie Sheen.

Ashton has grown into an actor, model, investor, and even majored in Biochemical Engineering at The University of Iowa, in efforts to discover a cure and understand the disease involved with his brother’s heart ailments. Ashton is both hot on the set, and in academics, setting the bar high and understandably a hot bachelor among women nearly anywhere he goes!

Natalie Portman


Unbeknownst to many, as she tends to lead a rather reserved life, Natalie Portman is one of the most intellectually talented among all major actors and actresses in Hollywood. While she’s kept a low-key profile, its a little known fact that she was accepted into, and successfully studied and completed a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

In combination with her love for traveling and exploring new cultures Portman has also advanced her intellectual capabilities by teaching herself – and learning through traveling – five different languages!

Quentin Tarantino – IQ of 160


Tarantino started his education at a young age, has evolved from an actor into a director, has screen written popular movies, and produced movies to date that all remain quite popular from the Hollywood set to American audiences.

At an extraordinarily high IQ of 160 it’s no wonder that Tarantino’s been able to bounce around career roles, levels, and excel through the roof in just a matter of years. He is noted as an extremely intelligent, educated entrepreneur who started in Hollywood at a young age and is majority self-taught.

Shakira – DASHING in at an IQ of 150


Shakira is an especially talented singer and dancer, starting at a young age and attending multiple universities and degrees in her native Colombia, holding more than one degree. Fluent in over SIX languages and boasting the IQ that she does, it’s no wonder that she is responsible for writing all of her own music.

Shakira has always and continues to-date take away the crowd’s breathe with her stunning Colombian complexion and majority self-taught tantalizing dance moves. Shakira has been popular and entertaining generations and is still a super sexy, popular, and now more known to be super intellectual performer in the Hollywood realm.

Shakira has had starring roles in both movies Alice’s Birthday, and most recently Zootopia. Shakira has not only been crowned in the Grammy’s, but is also a strong figure with the United Nations, and has received a UN International Labour Organization medal on at least one occasion.

Dolph Lundgren- Another OUTSTANDING IQ of 160


Often portrayed in most of his hit movies as being the big muscle, demonstrating little brain or know-how in his famous hits, he’s actually quite educated and possesses two degrees in Chemical Engineering – both from native Stockholm, as well as from Sydney, Australia.

Often playing the “bad guy” in most movies a lot of people never considered him par for such accomplishments, but he’s been researched and it’s been verified. An impressive combination of both muscle and brain! He has since gained stardom through acting as well as directing positions for various movies as a Swedish movie director and screenwriter.

Madonna – IQ of 140


Madonna comes in at a sweeping 140 IQ, quite above the average IQ, and likewise demonstrates her creativity through being such an internationally known, loved, and respected Pop Star and icon.

Rejecting a full-scholarship into the University of Michigan at an earlier age, Madonna has bigger plans, and has since continued to demonstrate her high intellect, bubbly personality, and beauty on the screen for movies and music for as long as we can remember – dating all the way back to AT LEAST  her Like A Prayer hit album in 1989!

Conan O’ Brien – SOLID IQ of 160


From acting to writing, music to producing, Conan O’ Brien has been scaling the entertainment industry for decades, and ceases to entertain his audience with tons of laughter and smiles.

Little known fact, O’ Brien actually directed the 27+ Season popular American television show the Simpsons for two seasons. Conan also attended Harvard University and graduated from his History & Literature course with Honors. Voice acting, Conan has shown he has no limits, and has an endless ability to entertain his audiences and write entertaining television shows, host, and more!

Matt Damon – IQ of 160


Last but by no means least, one of the ladies most famous Action actors, Matt Damon, slides in with an impressive IQ of 160, and likewise has a history of attending Harvard University – as well as writing a movie script along with his studies.

Starting back with his older movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has maintained his continued popularity throughout the lengthy trilogy of Bourne Identity movies as a super action-star with elite military and martial arts skills, impressing his audience and scoring top of the charts in nearly every movie he’s starred in. Matt Damon has earned himself a strong reputation and inheritance in the kingdom of Hollywood.

Damon is also well known for his philanthropic work including Feeding America,, H20 Africa Foundation and even Save Our Schools amongst other smaller and more popular non-profit organizations all for great environmentally-friendly, social development, and service oriented “missions” – and of course, not to exclude intensive volunteer work and support for various United Nations and world development and hunger programs.